Complete Curriculum
Authors: J. Crean & J. Dubach

1 The Importance of Genetics in Conservation 2 3 Paternity Lab 4
Chromosome Analysis Geography and Species Diversity
5 6 Species
Identification: Primates

Species Identification: Penguins

Parentage and Geography Dwarfism: Achondroplasia
Across the Species
9 10 11 12
Animal Nutrition Gen-Elephant Encounter:
A Mutation Lab
Lulu the Lioness: A Heroine’s Story Did I Have a Daddy? A Parthenogenic Problem
13 "Fowl" Colors: Peafowl Color Mutations 14 15
Leapin’ Lemurs!
A look at lemur twins
Hide & Go Ceca Albinism
  Parrot Secretariat:  The Horse with Heart  
African Grey Subspecies Identification Racehorse